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Pharceutical Industry Freeze Dryer Lyophilizer

Min. Order: 1 Set/Sets
Trade Term: FOB,CFR,CIF
Payment Terms: Paypal, L/C, D/P, D/A, T/T, WU, Money Gram
Supply Ability: 100 sets/year
Place of Origin: Shanghai

Company Profile

Location: Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Business Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company

Product Detail

Model No.: Marya
Means of Transport: Ocean
Product name: Pharceutical Industry Freeze Dryer Lyophilizer
Material: Stainless steel AISL316L
Roughness: Ra≤0.5um
Working temperature scope of condenser: -80℃(when it is dry) to +121℃
Max vacuum level: ≤1Pa
Leakage rate of the system: ≤0.025Pa.m3/s
Pure steam temperature: 121℃
Manufacturer: Marya
Certification: CE GMP
Warranty: 1 year
Production Capacity: 100 sets/year
Packing: Wooden package for sea shipment./Pharceutical Industry Freeze Dryer Lyophilizer
Delivery Date: 60 days/Pharceutical Industry Freeze Dryer

Product Description

Pharceutical Industry Freeze Dryer Lyophilizer

This lyophilizer is widely used for pharma and food industry 

All the parts contacting the products are made of AISL316L stainless steel,The surface roughness reaches Ra≤0.5um

The Inner circle of the Chamber has a smooth transition without dead corner, no objects accumulated consider for user, the structure is easy to clean

Option for steam sterilization or chemical sterilization

Except for the above, it can also provide automatic running CIP and SIP to ensure high quality of cleaning and the sterilization of the equipment


121℃ Pure steam

Equipped with cooling water jacket,after sterilizing it can fast reduce the temparature of the chest.

Optional pneumatic door lock ,it locks automatically

Adopting imported sterilization filter to ensure the absolutely sterilized air coming into the equipment

The Chamber and various kinds of container and tube are all wrapped with imported insulating layer to efficiently avoid from heat transmission

Can carry out constant humidity control to the refrigeration humidity

Equipped with water circulation pump capable to eliminate residual water in sterilization layer


The high-pressure clean water thoroughly wash inner surface of the chamber and condenser

Equipped with large flow rate CIP pump

Fixed with CIP tubing that automatically drains the residual water

Use rotary and fixed nozzle with 360-degree spray

The hydraulic system uses isolated retractable corrugated tube

The freeze drier has a proper layout and enough space for maintenance and operation of the equipment

Square or round shape chamber (User may choose one of them)

Horizontal or vertical condenser

Integral design can make each component independent,easy to operate and maintain.

Working temperature scope of condenser:-80℃(when it is dry) to +121℃(when in steam sterilizing).

The Max vacuum level is ≤1Pa.

Adopting industrial pressure container standard:GH/T3163-3164

GMP and FDA relevant regulations

Standard of international Electro technical Commission (IEC)

China Electric Equipment Standard(GB)

The chamber ,shelves,and condenser is make of AISI316l stainless steel

TIG welding avoids leakage and gap which can be not cleaned

The Welding point of the tube is photographed with X-ray,with inspection record and certificate of qualification

The roughness of inner surfaced reaches Ra≤0.5um,mirror polished

Leakage rate of the system≤0.025Pa.m3/s to ensure normal and reliable running.

There is no dead corner in the chamber, the connection of the tube is simple and reasonable, easy to clean.

Refrigeration System

The freeze drier uses the best refrigeration system to freeze the product and condensate the steam produced during freeze-drying procedure.Freeze-drying technology requires the refrigeration system to keep a low temperature status for a long period of time ,there fore ,the requirements to the refrigeration system are very high.but the freeze drier of Shanghai Marya can be easily help you to reach your goal.

Uses world famous brand,for example:Frascold,Danfoss,Copeland ,Castel,Edwards,and etc.

The system uses double stage half sealed piston compressor to reach first class temperature  reducing speed rate and the lowest temperature in China.

The system power equipped is much greater than needed to efficiently ensure the refrigeration performance.

Digital and module design has a high protection to ensure the system to run normally and stably.

The Powerful refrigeration system ,liquid spray cooling system and other protection installations keep to the best working temperature and high system reliability

The sensitive transducing system can provide alarm and protection in time against abnormal running situation

Uses refrigerant conforming to the world environment protection requirement,such as HCFCR22 and HFCRA for choice

Special synthetic lubricating oil can eliminate various kinds of problem due to high temperature of normal mineral Oil.

Vacuum System

The Vacuum system of the freeze drier provides a necessary pressure environment to freeze drying procedure .cooperating with condenser ,it can reach the vacuum level required by the freeze-drying procedure. To make the system run stably under high vacuum situation ,the key point is the performance of the vacuum pump,and the valve ,seal and instrument that cooperate with the pump.

The Vacuum system of Shanghai marya freeze drier has the following characteristics

Standard Configuration ,Uses UK Edward and Japan Ulvac double stage oil sealing revolving plate pump.

Option:UK Edwards,Ulvac Pump.

Equipped with two vacuum probes ,for measuring the vacuum level of freeze drying chamber and pump respectively

Option:Condenser type vacuum meter

There are two methods for dying chamber vacuum level control:

Drying chamber vacuum level controls the opening and closing of the air inlet valve ,introduce the sterilized air from sterilized room

Drying chamber vacuum level controls the opening degree of the big butterfly valve to reach the purpose of controlling the vacuum level.

The drying Chamber and water capture valve ,circulating pump ,spotlight and etc.of the freeze drier,like other components of the freeze drier,use the first class components from other countries or from domestic factories.

The above systems of Shanghai Marya freeze drier have the following characteristics

A couple-clamping butterfly valve is equipped between the drying chamber and water capturer to keep a non leakage seal in both directions

Use labial margin seal design to compensate the change of temperature and pressure during operation

Eccentric valve rod and eccentric butterfly valve eliminate the wear-out of upper and lower ends of valve seat during frequent opening

May choose electric or pneumatic driving device.

Import original electric driver can stepless adjust the opening wideness of butterfly valve ,control the vacuum level of the drying chamber to avoid from being polluted

Stainless steel valve body and TEF elastic valve seat conform with GMP specification.

The drying chamber and water capturer are equipped with viewing glass .The viewing glass can be equipped with spotlight to obtain clear procedure monitoring.

Shelf refrigerating heating system uses Denmark Groudfos UPS circulation pump,Sweden swep company original plate type heat exchanger ,the size of the exchanger is small ,Hence reduces the heat-conducting medium,Reduces energy consumption,,raises the refrigeration efficiency it can reach to -60℃,the lowest shelf refrigeration temperature in China.

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