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Automatic Pharmaceutical Vial Filling Machine

Min. Order: 1 Set/Sets
Trade Term: FOB,CFR,CIF
Payment Terms: Paypal, L/C, D/P, D/A, T/T, WU, Money Gram
Supply Ability: 50 sets/month
Place of Origin: Shanghai

Company Profile

Location: Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Business Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company

Product Detail

Model No.: Marya
Means of Transport: Ocean
Product name: Pharmaceutical Vial Filling Machine
Certification: CE GMP FDA
Warranty: 1 year
Material: Stainless steel
Manufacturer: Marya
Production Capacity: 50 sets/month
Packing: Wooden package for sea shipment.
Delivery Date: 60 days

Product Description

This line is made up of model KCQ vertical ultrasonic washing machine. Model GMS erilizing& Drying machine, Model KBG Filling and stoppering machine, Model KGLcapping machine. This line is mainly suitable for vial with water injectable and lyophilized type. Each machine can be used singly and can be combined with other machine. It can complete the following procedures when it is combined with other machine: bottle-infeeding with net belt, water spraying, ultrasonic washing, clamping bottle with manipulator, bottle turning, flushing,air charging, preheating, drying &sterilizing, cooling(nitrogen charging before filling), filling, (Nitrogen charging after filling), stopper-handing, stopper-infeeding, cap-handing, capping. This machine is character by reasonable structure, advanced design, high automation, stable running, reliability, high efficiency and can be realized integration of machine with electricity. The design manufacturing conforms to GMP standard requirement.
The bottle washing machine adopts mechanical hands to clamp the bottles ,suitable for vials of varous specifications.
Automatic Pharmaceutical Vial Filling Machine 
The Water gas spray needles adopts the reciprocating tracking insertion mode for bottle washing featured by good washing effect and energy saving ,it is also provided with a device that prevents the needle holder from shaking to enhance the accuracy of the spray needles ,so that cross contamination is avoided and GMP requirement are met.
The buffer block is installed before the bottle feeding screw of the bottle washing machine to protect the screw and reduce bottle breakage.

Automatic Pharmaceutical Vial Filling Machine

Bottle discharging is realized by the integral imported synchronous belt that is connected to the bottle pushing block and conveys Vials with stable and reliable running
The Oven adopts hot air circulation heating with even temperature and energy saving.
The oven is provided with the function of protecting against sudden power-off to ensure safe running .
The Oven can be equipped with the differential pressure automatic balancing and regulating system to reduce the problems of deviation at the high temperature section caused by unbalanced differential in the room and oven ,temperature rise in the filling room ,washing and drying room,etc .
The Oven is provided with DOP inspection ports(including inspection ports for wind pressure,wind speed and dust particles)

Automatic Pharmaceutical Vial Filling MachineThe Cooling section in the oven is provided with the sterilization function (specially chosen by FDA)
The Oven Conveying belt can be equipped with ultrasonic and CIP cleaning systems
The oven cavity can be subject to all-round ,multi -angle high pressure water washing
The filling machine adopts the horizontal synchronous belt bottle conveying mode ,featured by high speed ,accurate bottle distribution and convenient replacement of parts
The Conveying plane where the bottle bottom is located has a certain distance to the work table ,so as to benefit the passing of the 100-grade laminar flow and avoid turbulent flow of polluted liquid medicines.
The stoppering part of the filling machine adopts horizontal stopper conveying and horizontal round disc stopper suction,featured by convenient observation ,easy feeding and high-speed stopper conveying
The filling machine can be equipped with the ceramic pump,stainless steel pump and peristaltic pump.
The filling machine is provided with the functions of no filling in case of no bottle and no stoppling in case of no bottle
The filling machine can be equipped with the servo filling system (Delta,Mitsubishi,Schneider)
Automatic Pharmaceutical Vial Filling Machine 
The whole line adopts PLC main Control ,frequency converter and touch screen control technology with stable and reliable running ,the touch screen can display running dynamics of each single machine,water pressure ,Air pressure ,wind pressure and temperature at each control point ,the display of each on-off status and faults ,fault self -diagnosis ,fault analysis and eliminating ways realizes automatic control during the whole production process.The production line is provided with the three -machine automatic control and balancing device to ensure balanced and reliable production
According to customer requirements ,it can also be equipped with the following;
Control system of such brands as Siemens,Schneider,Mitsubishi,Delta,etc
Water pressure ,Air pressure,water temperature ,ultrasonic strength,dust particles and wind speed online inspection ,alarming ,recording and printing systems

Automatic Pharmaceutical Vial Filling Machine

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