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Pediatric Reconstruction Locking Plate Orthopedic Implant With 4 - 10 Holes

Place of Origin: Zhejiang

Company Profile

Location: Suzhou, Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Business Type: Manufacturer

Product Detail

Model No.: 6132

Product Description


Pediatric Distial Humeral Locking Plate trauma plate





Type for ZSL01 ~ 11 for limb and finger metacarpal shaft fracture; Type for ZSL12 ~ 13 for humerus, ulna and radius, fibula and external condyle fracture.




Elderly patients with osteoporosis; fracture site lacks sufficient bone integrity; systemic or local infection; metabolic disorders of calcium, systemic neurological diseases, immune system disorder, allergy to the implant material and patients restricted from activities or as directed by a physician




Product No. Holes Length
Ti Stainless Steel
6132-3004 6132-5004 4 48
6132-3005 6132-5005 5 60
6132-3006 6132-5006 6 72
6132-3007 6132-5007 7 84
6132-3008 6132-5008 8 96
6132-3009 6132-5009 9 108
6132-3010 6132-5010 10 120
Note:Select HC3.5screws Mat:Ti6AL4V


Competitive Advantage:

Anatomical designing makes perfect match with bone shape.


Excellent surfacing procedure, which can effectively limit foreign body reaction and oxidation reaction.


Using TA3, TC4 and SS PEEK in medical standard, with appropriate biological strength, elastic modulus and minimum foreign body reaction.


LCP designing, achieving locking and compression function.


Reduce the compressed area of periosteum, protect the blood supply of bone.


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