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Precision machining auto oil connector parts

Min. Order: 5000 Piece/Pieces
Trade Term: FOB,CFR,EXW
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 40000pcs / Month
Place of Origin: Zhejiang

Company Profile

Location: Ningbo, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Business Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company
Main Products: Aluminum Die Casting Lawn Mower Fitting, Precision Machining Aluminum Safety Relief Valve Parts, CNC Machining Hunting Bow Aluminum Bracket, Precision Machining Auto Oil Connector Parts, Precision Machining Aluminum Valve Body Parts

Product Detail

Model No.: AP-001
Means of Transport: Express, Ocean, Air, Land
Brand Name: OEM
Surface treatment: None
Material: 12L14
Color: Natural
Delivery time: 20-30 days
Price term: FOB Ningbo
Port: Ningbo
Application: auto parts
Shipment: Air, land, ocean, express
Packing: Carton, wooden box or others
Production Capacity: 40000pcs / Month
Packing: Carton, Wooden box
Delivery Date: 20-30 days

Product Description

Product   namePrecision machining auto oil connector parts
Meterials:Aluminum,   iron,stainless steel,bronze, carbon steel or as per the   customers'requirements.
Dimensions:According   to customers'technical drawings or samples.
Surface finished:Powder coating, 
Sand blasting,
Zinc/nickel/silver/chrome etc plating
All color of   anodizing,heat treatment,  
As per customer's requirements.
Machining equipment:CNC machining center, 
CNC   lathe,grinding machine, 
Milling machine,
Sawing machine,
Turret milling-EDM,
Hand punch,
Automatic feeding machine etc.
Test   equipment:Automatic   image measuring instrument.Digital height gauge,go-no go   gauge,caliper,hardness tester,roughness tester etc.
MOQ:Small   quantity for sample is accept.
Quality   Control:100%   inspection before packing or shipment.
Packing:Carton,wooden   box or as per customer's requirement.
Lead time:20-30   working days after receiving customer's deposit in common.
Payment terms:T/T   30% deposit in advance, 70% T/T balanced against by the copy of B/L
Application:Fishing   Gear,Led flashlight,Valve parts,Auto parts,truck parts,machinery parts,yacht   parts,
Hunting bow parts,bathroom hardware   parts,microscope parts etc.

Auto fuel system into the tank, fuel lines, fuel injectors, have fuel pump, fuel filter and other parts in the system, the fuel through the pump, fuel filter, fuel injectors into the combustion chamber, resulting in dynamic power source.

Three kinds of automobile oil pipe:

The gasoline pipe is connected with the fuel injection nozzle of the gasoline pump and the engine.

Booster oil pipe, is to provide power for the steering engine, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the steering resistance.

Brake hose is connected with a brake pump and brake lining the top of the column of, when stepping on the brakes, brake pump through the brake oil pressure braking, two brake pads squeezing brake disc, so as to slow down the car stop.

Standard pipe fittings

   First, the assembly sleeve type pipe fittings

(A) The most important part of pre-installed ① ferrule fittings, directly affects the reliability of the seal. Generally require a dedicated pre-heater. Small diameter connectors can be pre-installed on the vise. In practice, as a parent with a joint, the nut 4, card sets can be pressed onto the tube. There are card sets straight couplings, sleeve type end straight through turn heads, bite type tube fittings and other types. I found that, even in the same factory shipment, these types of connector body tapered hole depth is often not identical result is a leak, and this problem is often overlooked. The correct approach is to use what kind of pipe end connector body, connecting corresponding ends with the same type of connector is pre-installed, so to maximize avoid leakage problems.

② pipe end should be flush. After sawing the pipe should be ground flush on the wheel, and other tools, and deburring, cleaning with high-pressure air blowing before use.

③ When preloaded, you should try to keep the coaxial tube and connector body, if the skew is too large will cause the tube seal failure.

④ preloaded force should not be too large so that the edge of the card is just embedded in the tube wall sleeve, card sets should not have significant deformation. During pipeline connection, then the provisions of the tightening force assembled. ф6-1 card sets tightening force is 64-1 15n, 16фmmr 259n, ф18mm for 450n. If the card holder at the time of pre-deformation serious, will lose seal.


(B) Prohibition adding sealant filler. It was sealed in order to achieve better results, put in a card coated with sealant, sealant is the result into the hydraulic system, causing the hydraulic damping element clogging fault.


(C) when the connecting pipe, the tube should have sufficient deformation margin to avoid the tube subjected to tensile force.


(D) When connecting pipe, it should be avoided by the lateral force, lateral force caused Mifengbuyan over the General Assembly.


(E) When connecting pipe should be a one-time good, not dismantle, otherwise it will seal performance deteriorated. Ferrule tube fitting installation (1) Chapter 9 requires the need for pickling pipes should be pickled; (2) according to the required length by sawing or special pipe cutting machines and other equipment off the tube, and definitely not with a melting off (such as flame cutting) or wheel cutting; remove the tube ends inside and outside round burrs, metal chips and dirt; remove rust agents and dirt pipe fittings; while also ensuring tube roundness; (3) the nut, ferrule has set into the tube , ferrule front edge (diameter end) from the mouth of the tube at least 3mm, then taper pipe into the connector body, the top until; (4) slowly tighten the nut, turn the tube until it does not move, then tighten the nut 2 / 3 to 4/3 laps; whether (5) check the card sets have been cut open the tube, the location is correct. Card sets are not allowed to move axially, can slightly rotate; re-tighten the nut (6) pass the inspection. 

Second, the pipe joints to prevent leaks in the hydraulic system, either metal fittings or hose connectors are prone to leakage problems. For sleeve type fittings, mostly due to the pipeline subject to greater force or impact, so that the end face of the card sets loose or deformation caused by leaking pipes, you should check whether the card holder out of round, whether the defect edge, whether the pipe ends intact, and the degree of compression ferrule nut, but also eliminate the pipeline force. For flared fittings, mostly due to excessive flaring, unsatisfactory quality or repeatedly demolished, resulting in flaring distortion or cracks caused by leaks, then you can cut off the front end re-flaring. If you use a male and female cone top pressure seal, which is mostly due to the two cone leak damage, available for research frosted cone grinding. In some with "о" or outer-ring seal against the end face of the occasion, the leakage following reasons: "о" ring deformation caused by aging or leakage; "о" ring assembly is not in place, so that the two-plane connection when the pressure is uneven or "о" ring is cut causing leakage; "о" ring uncompacted, insufficient amount of elastic deformation caused by leakage; "о" mouth-ring groove ended too deep and cause leaks. In this regard, the need to re-select the same diameter and cross-sectional thick "о" rings can also be sealed with a flat-ended slot opening for cutting or grinding to reduce the depth of the groove mouth only to make "о" rings are flexible enough to deformation (compression generally be between 0.35-0.65mm). For the use of oil and rubber, wool felt, cardboard soft steel, a combination of gasket sealant joints or pipe leak, no matter what the material is, you should first check the seals for damage, deformation, aging and rough through the large, etc. and then take the appropriate measures.


  Third, the installation of high pressure hose fittings Precautions

(1) hose moving or stationary, and can not bend over, could not bend at the root, at least to start bending at 1.5 times its diameter;

(2) The hose shall be moved to the extreme position to pull too tight, you should compare relaxation;

(3) try to avoid the hose twisting deformation;

(4) the hose as far away from the heat radiating member, fashion necessary insulation boards;

(5) Avoid hose external damage, such as using the same elements of the long-term surface friction;

(6) If the hose weight caused excessive deformation, should support member.

It included end through connector, straight connectors, tees, elbows, with live nut joints, hinged joints, plugs, connectors and other transition

Composition dual fittings: the front clasp, the snap ring, nut

The material used is stainless steel and copper

Metric, U.S. and British standard thread

NPT, PT, G are pipe thread. 

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