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Precision machining aluminum Safety relief valve parts

Min. Order: 10000 Piece/Pieces
Trade Term: FOB,CFR,EXW
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 20000pcs / Month
Place of Origin: Zhejiang

Company Profile

Location: Ningbo, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Business Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company
Main Products: Aluminum Die Casting Lawn Mower Fitting, Precision Machining Aluminum Safety Relief Valve Parts, CNC Machining Hunting Bow Aluminum Bracket, Precision Machining Auto Oil Connector Parts, Precision Machining Aluminum Valve Body Parts

Product Detail

Model No.: VP-004
Means of Transport: Express, Ocean, Air, Land
Brand Name: OEM
Surface treatment: Anodizing matt
Material: 6061-T6
Color: Nature
Delivery time: 20- 30 days
Price term: FOB Ningbo
Port: Ningbo
Application: Pressure valve
Shipment: Air, land, ocean, express
Packing: Carton, wooden box or others
Production Capacity: 20000pcs / Month
Packing: Carton, Wooden box
Delivery Date: 20-30 days

Product Description

Product   namePrecision machining aluminum Safety relief  valve parts
Meterials:Aluminum,   iron,stainless steel,bronze, carbon steel or as per the   customers'requirements.
Dimensions:According   to customers'technical drawings or samples.
Surface finished:Powder coating, 
Sand blasting,
Zinc/nickel/silver/chrome etc plating
All color of   anodizing,heat treatment,  
As per customer's requirements.
Machining equipment:CNC machining center, 
CNC   lathe,grinding machine, 
Milling machine,
Sawing machine,
Turret milling-EDM,
Hand punch,
Automatic feeding machine etc.
Test   equipment:Automatic   image measuring instrument.Digital height gauge,go-no go   gauge,caliper,hardness tester,roughness tester etc.
MOQ:Small   quantity for sample is accept.
Quality   Control:100%   inspection before packing or shipment.
Packing:Carton,wooden   box or as per customer's requirement.
Lead time:20-30   working days after receiving customer's deposit in common.
Payment terms:T/T   30% deposit in advance, 70% balanced against by the copy of B/L
Application:Fishing   Gear,Led flashlight,Valve parts,Auto parts,truck parts,machinery parts,yacht   parts,
Hunting bow parts,bathroom hardware   parts,microscope parts etc.

The pressure control valve (pressure control valve) is a general term for the pressure control valve. We have referred to in the usual pressure control valve for pressure control valve. The pressure control valve is also sometimes referred to as pressure valve, mainly is used to meet the requirements of the executive body of the force or torque requirements. Including safety valve, relief valve, pressure relief valve and sequence valve.

The pressure control valve is a general term for the system pressure valve. Below for everyone, for example: solenoid valve is used to control the fluid automation infrastructure components, belonging to the actuator; not limited to hydraulic, pneumatic used to control the hydraulic flow direction, the mechanical device factory is generally controlled by the hydraulic cylinder, so it can be used in the electromagnetic valve.

working principle

Solenoid valve in the closed cavity, in different locations to open a hole, each hole leads to different pipe, the middle cavity valve, both sides are two electromagnets, which faces the magnet coil through electric valve will be attracted to which side, through the control valve moves to file or expose different oil drain hole, and an oil inlet hole Shichang open, hydraulic oil will enter different discharge pipe, and then through the oil pressure to push oil cylinder piston, the piston and piston rod, the piston rod drives the movement of a mechanical device. This current by controlling the electromagnet to control the mechanical movement.


Direct acting solenoid valve:

Principle: when the power is on, the electromagnetic force of the electromagnetic force to shut off the valve seat, the valve open; power, the electromagnetic force disappears, the spring to close the pressure on the seat, the valve closed.

Features: in a vacuum, negative pressure, zero pressure can work normally, but generally not more than 25mm.

Distributed direct acting solenoid valve:

Principle: it is a direct action and the principle of combining the pilot, when the inlet and outlet pressure difference, the power, the electromagnetic force directly to the pilot valve and main valve closed in order to lift the valve, the valve opens. When the entrances and exits to start pressure, the electricity, the electromagnetic force pilot a small valve, main valve cavity pressure increased, the chamber pressure drops, thus the use of pressure to push up the main valve; power, the pilot valve by the spring force or medium pressure to promote the closure of parts, moving down, so that the valve is closed.

Features: in the zero pressure or vacuum, high pressure can also be a * action, but the power is larger, the requirements must be installed horizontally.

Pilot type solenoid valve:

Principle: power, the electromagnetic force to open the pilot hole, the chamber pressure to drop rapidly, in close formed around the low high pressure, fluid pressure to promote the closure of parts moving up, the valve open; power, the spring force the pilot hole closed, the inlet pressure through the bypass hole quickly the chamber around the valve off on the formation of low on the high pressure, fluid pressure to promote the closure of parts moving down, close the valve.

Features: maximum high pressure fluid can be installed (custom) but must meet the conditions of fluid pressure.


1, corrosive media: the king should use plastic and stainless steel solenoid valve; for highly corrosive media must use isolation diaphragm. CD-F. Z3CF. Neutral medium, it should use copper alloy electromagnetic valve, shell material for the valve or the valve shell desquamation often rust, especially the action does not frequent occasions. Ammonia valve can not be used with copper.

2, explosive environment: to choose the appropriate level of explosion-proof products, open-air installation or dust should be used more occasions, waterproof, dust-proof varieties.

3, solenoid valve nominal pressure should exceed the maximum working pressure tube.

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